Some Summer Colors That Are Never Going Out Of Fashion

  • By Yufta
  • •  May 15, 2019

Summer time comes with its own couture and a range of energizing colors. Its time to move over black
and blue and go for some trendy and vibrant colors this summer season. We have penned down the
must-try shades for this summer to make your wardrobe look lively.
Versatile Green Color-This neutral color can be paired with basics and almost every color
ranging from pink and white to navy. It would never fall out of fashion and can hence be worn
effortlessly with other neutral colors.
Lavender-This color is elegant, yet filled with mysterious vibes which pretty much dominates the
summer season. Lavender can be combined with emerald to achieve a look of utter grace.
Millennial Pink-Millennial pink contains a range of subtle shades, that includes, peach, salmon,
blush, rose, etc. and these vibrant shades are perfect to give a casual look this summer season.
These shades can be perfectly combined with shades of olive and brown as this gives a versatile
and lively vibe.
Purple For Summers-Go with lighter shades of colors that can be paired with a range of other
colors like grey, black, white, beige, etc. The floral statement offers an ultra-feminine casual look
and gives a cheerful vibe.
Yellow/Orange-These colors can certainly be called as the new black. Yellow and orange can be
tricky to ace, but they are trending now.
Try these vibrant and different shades with olives and pastels to spark up your wardrobe

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