Drape Your Dupatta In More Ways Than One!

  • By Yufta

Bored of wearing your dupatta in the same way? There is nothing that changes your look faster than the way you drape your dupatta. It is the easiest to sport and one of the most creative ways of reinventing your style. Here are some innovative styles of draping a dupatta and make your outfit look new all over again:



  • Back To Front Drape- Enhance your draping game by embracing this modern style of draping the dupatta. It gives an indo-western look which is very trendy nowadays. Pin your dupatta diagonally from front to back over the right shoulder to waist and flaunt the elegant look.



  • Shoulder And Wrist Dupatta- Go for a classy look by letting your dupatta hang on one shoulder in front and rolling the other end of it on your wrist. It can also be tied to your wrist which will lend the outfit a more graceful look.


  • Free Falling Dupatta- One of the simplest ways of draping a dupatta is to pin it to both the shoulders and leave an open drape in the front. This can never go out of style and can just as easily be paired with salwar kameez or lehenga choli.


  • Indo-Western Look- Pair your dupatta with a short kurti for an indo-western look. Drape the dupatta on one shoulder or wear it as a stole.


  • Cape Style Dupatta- Getting late for an event? Just throw your dupatta over both shoulders and you are done. It makes you free from the hustle of pinning the dupatta and give you a mess-free look.


Take a cue from these ways and get a new look by simply changing different styles of draping your dupatta.



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